Fiberesin Fusion

Fiberesin Fusion

Door and Window

Fiberesin Fusion is a product designed to enhance the appearance, paintability, durability and water deflection properties of a door, window (or similar) surface. Our Fiberesin Fusion overlay allows door and window makers to use lesser grade of woods and different construction methods, while providing a very paintable surface. Besides greatly reducing cost of quality, adding our single-ply phenolic fusion material provides dramatic cost savings by reducing paint line time as much as 30%. Fusion also works well with PILT treatment (PPG) systems.


For veneer applications, Fusion provides excellent dimensional stability, superior adhesion and durability and can be buried between the veneer and the core material.

Manufacturing Process

Fiberesin Fusion is manufactured by impregnating special Kraft paper with a formulated phenolic resin using a proprietary system. The product is partially cured when treated. When bonded to the wood surface, the product can be stained, sanded or painted.

Fiberesin Fusion does not emit any detectable volatile compounds.