SEFA  Stonewood Phenolic Lockers Stonewood phenolic is strong enough to be machined and tapped to hold screws Graphics may be overlaid on Stonewood Fiberesin, unlike non-US suppliers, can make Stonewood phenolic to your specified thickness Stonewood Layered Phenolic creates a Baltic Birch plywood look Stonewood Stonewood phenolic laboratory counter tops Stonewood phenolic tablet arm Stonewood x-ray bed Stonewood x-ray surface with custom graphics

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Stonewood is a beautiful, solid, strong material that is ideal for either horizontal or vertical surfaces where strength and appearance are both important.

Stonewood is used for decorative interior and exterior wall panels, rain screens, lockers, laboratory and office furniture, medical equipment carts, x-ray tables, work surfaces, fixtures, ergonomic keyboard platforms, tablet arms, cutting boards and any application requiring strength, rigidity, durability, moisture resistance and decorative appeal. Stonewood is also chemical resistant, having passed SEFA chemical testing requirements.

Its high strength to weight ratio allows Stonewood to be used in place of plywood, particleboard, fiberboard or other wood products. Stonewood panels maintain their dimensions and can be fabricated with standard wood-working tools. The material can be attached with screws or adhesives and is water and mold resistant. Stonewood can be sanded on both sides to improve adhesion in composite applications.

Building Material

Stonewood is available as a Class A or Class B fire resistant wall cladding material. Stonewood Exterior also features UV resistance.  Architects and designers are utilizing these highly customizable phenolic wall panels to create truly original building designs. Stonewood phenolic building cladding and rain screens offer a brand new pallete to the creative architect. Interior designers and decorators are also discovering new possibilities utilizing Stonewood phenolic wall panels.  Fiberesin has created a dedicated website describing the use of Stonewood in construction.  We encourage you to visit


Stonewood is 100% made in the USA. Fiberesin’s plant where Stonewood is made is BIFMA level®; certified. You can read about the comprehensive BIFMA level®; certification process here.

Manufacturing Process

Stonewood is a thermally fused material comprised of multiple sheets of kraft fiber paper. These kraft papers can be provided as FSC®; (Forest Stewardship Council®;) (FSC-C115183) certified material upon request. To produce Stonewood, Fiberesin impregnates the raw core kraft sheets with phenolic resins that are then cured. The treated papers are then hot pressed, fusing the layers into a solid panel. Stonewood does not emit formaldehyde, is resistant to burning, and can support significant weight without breaking.

Self Edging

While traditional edge treatments can be used, Stonewood can be easily fabricated to be self-edging. Minimal sanding and polishing creates an attractive edge that is visually and tactilely pleasing. Stonewood is economical since no additional edge treatment is required.

Colors, Patterns and Woodgrains

Stonewood is available in an endless variety of solid colors, patterns, wood grains, stones, or marbles. It is also available in solid bright white with a white core. Real wood veneers are available as well.  The Stonewood core material is available in Black, Brown, or Bleached.  Click to open a PDF showing the colors and patterns available for Stonewood.

Custom Graphics

In addition to numerous colors and woodgrain options, Fiberesin’s unique custom graphics capabilities makes it possible to fuse any artwork, photograph, original image, or logo directly into the panel surface making it virtually impervious to moisture, abrasion, and stains.

Chemical Resistant

Stonewood is also a chemical resistant material that can be used in laboratory, medical, or education environments where such surface properties are important. Stonewood has passed SEFA 8-PH-2010, Section 8.1 testing for chemical resistance. You can read more about SEFA here.

Stonewood - Food Safe® (NSF Certified)

Stonewood - Food Safe® is a special formulation of Stonewood material developed for food contact applications. Cutting boards, pizza peels, and other food preparation products can be fabricated using this NSF certified material. NSF is the most accepted and trusted certification in commercial foodservice equipment, specified by health departments, restaurant buyers and specifiers. NSF means market access — products with the NSF mark receive guaranteed regulatory acceptance in North America and improved acceptance worldwide. You can learn more about the NSF certification process here.

Stonewood Natural

Stonewood Natural is a recycled product that is designed to be earth-friendly, durable, renewable and beautiful. It is a solid “color through” material with no laminate or surface veneer. If the surface were to get marred or scratched, it can be rejuvenated to like new condition by sanding.

Working with Stonewood

Fabrication options are unlimited. Stonewood can be shaped, cut, drilled, routed, tapped, or sanded (Fiberesin has full fabrication capabilities in-house). With its superior stability, Stonewood holds inserts, brackets, fasteners, or specialty hardware with outstanding screw retention.

Size and Thickness

Stonewood is available in 4’ x 8’ panels in thicknesses between ¼” to 1 ¼”. Custom thicknesses are also available.