Fiberesin HPP

Fiberesin's High Performance Panels are made with heat, pressure and proprietary resinsFiberesin HPP panels can be used to make beautiful, durable casework such as these lab cabinets

Fiberesin High Performance Panels (HPP)

Fiberesin HPP panels are offered in a variety of solid colors, woodgrains and patterns. Due to Fiberesin’s unique production process, Fiberesin HPP is produced without glue lines and thus will not delaminate.
Fiberesin HPP panels meet or exceeds all of the applicable NEMA specifications for VGS grade high pressure laminate. In fact, HPP provides additional performance advantages over most high pressure laminated surfaces. Fiberesin HPP has passed SEFA testing requirements for chemical resistance and can be used in laboratory, medical, or education environments where such surface properties are important.

VGS grade high pressure laminate glued to industrial grade particleboard is now the accepted industry standard for horizontal surfaces where impact resistance is a critical feature. Low pressure laminates, which are manufactured by thermally fusing a single decorative sheet to particleboard, give the same aesthetic appearance but not the necessary impact or abrasion resistance.

Fiberesin's HPP provides the best of both worlds. HPP is a multi-layer material thermally fused to industrial grade particleboard or fiberboard core. The surface is actually “manufactured” right on the board. Because it is thermally fused, the surface is permanently attached to the board. There are no glue lines to delaminate. There is never any "lifting" around the edges with Fiberesin's HPP panels.

From a performance standpoint, Fiberesin HPP is not your typical HPL. HPP meets a more attractive price point than HPL, plus Fiberesin's commitment to high quality and outstanding service make Fiberesin the vendor of choice for many highly demanding, world class companies.

Fiberesin case goodsFiberesin HPP can be made with seamless split laminates for design flexibility as with this over bed tableSEFA MEMBER